The best disinfection method for rooms and equipment

The best disinfection method for rooms and equipment

The best disinfection method for rooms and equipment

Infection and Hospital Infections - World Health Organization (WHO): A hospital infection is an infection that a patient incurred during treatment in hospital or other medical institution, and which was not present or latent at admission. Visitors, family and health workers can also suffer from hospital infections. Hospital Infections are most often caused by micro-organisms that are resistant to one or more common antibiotics. Common hospital infections include urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections, bloodstream infections and wound infections. Never has it been more important to prevent hospital infections. Hospital infections affect health service's ability to adapt, react and handle infection risk next to ongoing disease management of patients.

Infection Prevention and Control is a practical, evidence-based approach that prevents patients and health workers from aquiring infections that can be avoided. Effective infection prevention and control requires constant efforts at all levels of health care, from policy makers to managers of health institutions, health workers and those who make use of health services.

How does the technology work

Decon-X's method is automated, monitored and is effective in reducing infection through the use of Norwegian innovative technology, a disinfectant solution and a specially designed nozzle.

How can we help you?

The market for automated disinfection is currently in its infancy and the needs are constantly increasing. Problems with antibiotic- and multiresistant bacteria is a growing challenge in the health sector and in the food production industry. New and more effective and environmentally friendly methods that can reduce this problem will be very useful.

Decon-X has developed an automated method of disinfection.

The method effectively removes bacteria, viruses and spores from the air, surfaces and equipment. Decon-X provides equipment and solutions to hospitals, nursing homes and ambulances in Scandinavia today, but also sees great potential and need in the food industry and in office buildings, tenements and private homes.

The method and process is controlled by built-in sensors that measure the most important parameters during the disinfection process; concentration of hydrogen peroxide, temperature and humidity. The whole process is stored in the unit's PC, which at the end of the process composes and sends a report to selected email-adresses or via SMS. The combination of sensors and data storage ensures that the disinfection process is carried out with verified and controlled efficiency. Any discrepancies as well as successfully completed processes are automatically documented and forwarded to the user(s).

Decon-X delivers its solutions through sale, lease and as a total service delivery.

In addition to best practices and monitoring of basic infection control measures, preventive and curative use of the Decon-X method will help to ensure that staff, patients and residents get a safer indoor environment and a better life.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency says: »The documentation shows that the product is effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi.»

  • Approximately 4 100 000 patients are estimated to acquire a healthcare-associated infection in the EU each year
  • The number of deaths occurring as a direct consequence of these infections is estimated to be at least 37 000 and these infections are thought to contribute to an additional 110 000 deaths each year
  • The most frequent infections are urinary tract infections, followed by respiratory tract infections, infections after surgery, bloodstream infections, and others (including diarrhoea due to Clostridium difficile)
  • Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is isolated in approximately 5% of all healthcare-associated infections
  • Approximately 20–30% of healthcare-associated infections are considered to be preventable by intensive hygiene and control programmes

Decon-X solutions are tailored to users' needs and can be rented, purchased or ordered as a total service delivery. In case of outbreaks, Decon-X will together with the customer plan and implement the most optimal solution to minimise and combat the outbreak.

All Decon-X disinfecting machines are equipped with wireless technology that enables the user to monitor the process via smart phone, tablet or PC / Mac. The machines will also send out reports confirming that the process is carried out properly or if there have been deviations during the disinfection process related to e.g. shutting off the ventilation, high or low temperatures or too high levels of humidity.

About us

Decon-X was founded in 2006, and launched in late 2014 the first version of its automated disinfection machine, DX1. Development and tests started with the mission to develop an advanced disinfection machine with process monitoring capabilities for automated disinfection of hospitals and nursing homes. The target of Decon-X is to always ensure at least a removal of 99.9999% of all microbes - a 6 log reduction. Today's technology and solutions are based on tests in the company's own laboratory and by partners under a research program financed under the BIA program by The Research Council of Norway. Removal of microorganisms are verified at Statens Serum Institute in Denmark, Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and Oslo University Hospital Ullevål in Norway.

Decon-X has delivered disinfection systems to multiple health institutions in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and have established distributor partnerships in the Nordic region and well as south Europe and the Middle East.

Decon-X was in January 2016 awarded a contract from the Norwegian Research Council for the project: Next generation disinfecting machine and new areas for automated disinfection (User-driven Research based Innovation - BIA). Partners in the project are Nofima, Christian Michelsen Research, Gexcon, Grilstad, Lerøy Fossen, Sunnaas Hospital and the Salvation Army.

The grant from the Research Council, together with the expertise and experience of project partners contribute to new tests and research on how to further limit hospital infections, as well as how to extend the usage to a new areas - i.e. removing bacteria in food production and clean room production environments. These are areas with great challenges today, and many of the methods used are environmentally harmful and without sufficient documentation, automation or process control.

Decon-X technology and equipment is developed in Norway, and manufactured in Hønefoss, Norway by Tronrud Engineering. The method is approved by the The Norwegian Medicines Agency.

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